Technology Law

Innovation, information technology, materials, and biotechnology form the backbone of many businesses today. Our firm has broad experience in technology matters and represents clients in connection with:

Licensing and Outsourcing

Our attorneys have served as legal counsel for hundreds of licensing and outsourcing transactions. We've represented both consumers and suppliers of many exciting technologies, including computer hardware; software and services; medical devices; stem cells; animal models; artificial intelligence; green chemistry; electronic data storage; biotechnology; atom transfer radical polymerization; fuel cells; computer assisted surgery; the 360-degree, spin-effect television camera operation technology for the 2001 Super Bowl; and the core technology for the Lycos Internet search system.

E-Commerce and Internet Law

We have helped a large number of E-commerce clients navigate the opportunities and challenges that the Internet and its constant evolution afford. We have advised both established and start-up companies as they developed and deployed their Internet and E-commerce offerings; we also handled related privacy and security issues.

Technology Transfer

Our firm advises and represents major educational and research institutions to assist them in creating and implementing technology transfer programs and policies. We have also provided legal counsel to businesses that are looking to collaborate with research institutions and/or acquire rights to their innovations.

Technology Management

We regularly advise clients concerning their development of intellectual property programs, technology joint ventures, spin-offs, and complex transactions related to advanced technology.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Our firm has successfully represented customers and suppliers of information technology and other advanced technologies in numerous disputes surrounding licensing, intellectual property, antitrust, and other complex matters.

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